About the Libre Software Meeting

Sharing of knowledge, freedom of information, community spirit, discussions, technological progress : every year the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) follows the Libre philosophy.

Official documents - LSM 2012

As an institution of the Libre Software world, the LSM invites all Libre Software enthusiasts: experts, designers, developers, users, and all those interested in finding out more about Libre Software to meet in a relaxed setting.

Libre Software (GNU/Linux operating systems, Firefox browser, office suite, programming languages, etc.) are computer programs built, thanks to the work, often voluntary, of thousands of people around the world.

Many of the contributors are not computer specialists, but testers, translators, graphic designers, scriptwriters, teachers, etc. Therefore, you, too, can participate in producing Libre Software!

The philosophy of Libre Software far exceeds computer technology. It is based on freedom and mutual aid.

Libre Software respects four fundamental liberties:

  1. the liberty to run the program for any purpose
  2. the liberty to study how the program works and to adapt it to a person’s needs
  3. the liberty to redistribute copies of the software (which implies the opportunity to give copies as much as to sell copies)
  4. the liberty to improve a program and distribute these modified versions to the public in order to enable the entire community to benefit from them

Some of the Libre Software Meeting’s topics:

  • discovering Libre Software
  • embedded systems and Libre equipment
  • politics, law and public administrations
  • enterprises and Libre Software
  • operating systems

Thus, the LSM enables participants to find out about all the solutions adapted to specific uses. A privileged platform for software users and designers, the Libre Software Meeting is often a melting pot for new projects.