Lightning Talks

Welcome in the subscription form for Lightning Talks which are scheduled everyday during the RMLL; there will be 10 presentations lasting 5 minutes during each daily session.

If you have a project, an announcement, some experience to share, an enterprise, a program, a hardware, a technique, an algorithm, an idea or anything else directly or undirectly related to free-libre software: SUBSCRIBE!

At most 300 characters
  • Slides should be in PDF format.
  • The licence of the PDF will be CC BY-SA unless otherwise indicated in the PDF.
  1. An email of confirmation/rejection will be sent to you on the evening before your Lightning Talk (by 10 pm at the latest).
  2. A definite list of presentations will be published on the LSM site each day (before 8 am).
  3. A presentation should not last longer than 5 minutes, but can be shorter.
  4. The PDF submitted shall be the same as that presented.
  5. All of the PDFs for a session of Lightning talks will be on the same computer, connected to a video-projector and ready for each session.
  6. Those persons who have received an email of confirmation will be present at the session concerned.

In registering you are committing to respect the above rules.