Partners and sponsors

The LSM is organised by a team of volunteers and benefits from the support of public partners, associations and enterprises.


Benefit from exceptional visibility in the frame of an international meeting in Geneva targeting the general public and professionals.

In line with the Libre Software dynamic, the organisation of the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) requires a number of ethical undertakings from its sponsors. Only those who accept these undertakings, drawn up by the LSM organising committee, will be able to benefit from the visibility and promotional opportunities offered by this Libre Software Meeting.

These undertakings concern support for Libre Software:

  • The organisers will not accept any sponsorship from companies or organisations which, by whatever means, impede the development of Libre Software.
  • The LSM organisers require its sponsors to commit to opposing the patentability of software, as well as a firm undertaking to never have recourse to software patents.
These criteria provide general ethical rules. In all cases, private sponsorship proposals will be studied by LSM’s organising committee.

Every private sponsor will benefit from a space on the communication tools developed for the event’s international promotion during the first half-year of 2012:

  • Logo on the LSM website: partners’ page with the official link.
  • Logo on the official partners poster.

Official documents - LSM 2012