Accessibility and Mobility

Central overview of LSM locations for persons having reduced mobility.

Uni Mail

Uni Mail, one of the buildings of the University of Geneva, will serve as venue for the conferences, workshop, roundtables and lightning talks from the 9th to 12th July. The building is accessible for persons having reduced mobility:

  • an adapted toilet on the ground floor and on each floor above ground
  • a few places without seats at the enrance of each auditorium allowing a wheel chair

However there are two delicate issues:

  • the floors of the auditoriums are not accessible to persons in a wheel chair (except for the Room MR 080 offering 400 places);
  • access to the rooms on the first floor above ground has an angle too steep (> 8%) for a manually driven wheel chair (except for Room M-1193, which is flat)

Vernets Barracks (Caserne des Vernets)

Vernets Barracks will be a location for lodging (rooms with 10 beds each) and lunches.

  • Lodging for persons having reduced mobility is not yet possible in my opinion for a lack of accessible toilets in the building. However, some provisional adapted toilets will be installed by the city outside the building, near the entrance to the building.
  • Access to the commons room on the first floor above ground is possible using a lift, but assistance is required to open the door vertically; it is controlled by a key, but we can get one for people who need it and request it.
  • There are plans to install a provisional adapted toilet outside the buildilng, near the entrance to the building.

Salle communale de Plainpalais

The Maison communale de Plainpalais will be the main location for the week-end open to the general public and one of the locations for the Festival of Digital Arts. It contains the following facilities:

  • wheelchair access via the Pictet-de-Bock Street (to the left of the main entrance at: 52 rue de Carouge),
  • an adapted toilet on the same level as the bar (above the toilets for the general public),
  • only the gravel terrace could cause a problem; one of our planning activities is to ask the City to cover it with a carpet.

The Kugler Foundry (Fonderie Kugler)

The Kugler Foundry will be the location of certain activities of the Festival of Libre Digital Artsand consists of:

  • wheelchair access,
  • an adapted toilet,
  • no lift in the direction of the private artistic studios; therefore the level will not be used for LSM.

Bastions Park (Parc des Bastions)

The banquet "Repas du Libre", if time permits, will take place at the Bastions Park,

  • accessible from everywhere,
  • with an adapted toilet in the restaurant (accessible via a ramp to the left)

Transport and parking

Geneva's trams are mostly adapted and accessible with a wheel chair, in particular, on our main route from the Main Train Station Cornavin (centre city) to the Uni Mail.

If you need transport to a specific destination it is possible to place an order with Transport Handicap Geneva, which charges CHF 30.- per trip for persons coming from other countires. Pay attention to the Service's limited range of timetables.

Parking in Geneva is an eternal headache. There are numerous place reserved for handicapped persons visibly marked with signs in French, but internationally understandable. There are also numerous underground parking garages, which are expensive and not always accessible by a lift.

If you are patient enough, it is possible to visualise parking handicap parkings in the city:

  • place a checkmark in the boxes for: Mobilité-Données générales > Parking - Stationnement > Places handicapés
  • remove any checks on: Mobilité-Espace routier > Couverture du sol and any objects which tend to hide the parking places
  • focus on your desired area such as Plainpalais or Bastions
  • use your scroll wheel to adjust the resolution of the map

Other questions

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to email anne.possoz (at)