Network documentation LSM 2012

The network team of the 2012 LSM is proud to propose you a real Internet access respecting the net neutrality. You will need some information to connect.

First of all the mediums. You will have access to a wireless network and a classic wired network. There are plenty of (purple) switches available in the different venues, please make use of those. You'll get more bandwidth and will free some on the wireless networks.

This year, we have 3 networks with IPv4 and IPv6 support:

  • RMLL2012-PUBLIC: IPv4 network with DHCP (you won't need to configure anything on your computer, everything is automatic) and IPv6 network with automatic configuration.
  • RMLL2012-FIXE: IPv4 and IPv6 network with a static IP address. The configuration should be configured statically with a peg, see below for more information.
  • RMLL2012-IPV6: IPv6 only network (as its name says) with automatic configuration and NAT64.

All those networks will give you a public IP addresses. It means that you are directly connected to Internet, you will need to take care of your security by yourself (firewall). Those networks don't have firewall or NAT service, you have a real Internet connection, keep that in mind. Be nice to others!

Connection to the RMLL2012-PUBLIC network:

You will just need to enable automatic DHCP configuration for the network.

Connection to the RMLL2012-FIXE network:

This network needs manual configuration from you. The method used is the method described in the RFC 2322. The RFC describes a configuration method based on pegs (in the place of a DHCP server).

You will receive a peg with you IP address on the France Wireless stand and a small paper with other informations (DNS, netmask, gateway).

If you don't now what I'm talking about, don't use this network or use it with the help of someone.

Connection to the RMLL2012-IPV6 network:

The main goal of this network is to familiarize yourself to use your applications in an entirely IPv6 network. If you don't know how to setup the IPv6 connection, you shouldn't try it here unless you have someone to help you.

Le réseau à travers les RMLL:

The 2012 LSM in Geneva are located in 4 places, network access is provided in all places:

  • Uni Mail: the main conferences
  • Plainpalais: stands, conferences
  • Fonderie Kugler: animations
  • Caserne des Vernets: sleeping rooms

You won't need to change your configuration from one place to an other.

Need help ???

You have a hard time trying to connect to the network ? Have you read carefully the help available on the website ?
Do you have a friend nearby that knows how to do it ? Do you have a neighbor that is connected ?

If you still can't connect you can come and see the network team that is in the 3386 room in Uni Mail.