Radio / TV LSM

Libre on the Airwaves, on 98.2 FM

As every year, a radio channel will be devoted to the event in order to offer a daily supply of entertaining and interactive information. Many actions will be organised throughout the event, including concerts, special reports, music and live acts.

Live stream : LSM Radio 98.2 FM !

From 7th to 12th July 2012

Last day for Radio RMLL, whose 98.2 is soon going back to silence. Local authorities, Internet Voting, talk with François Pellegrini, Daily RMLL, Jerrock interview.

The last night of the Libre digital arts festival, the electro scene Sakrecoer / Bacalao / NoStep.

APRIL, Hosting, Translating, Bitcoin, Accessibility, managing humanitarian projects...

Excerpt of Bastien Valotton's live (aka MC BV), recorded on tuesday at Maison Communale de Plainpalais.

Aquitaine, Guadeloupe, Culture Theme, Daily news, Conference capture, Nostep...

Improvize mode for Jerrock as Jerome was searching for his HF transmitter... the gig, and the shortest interview of the band ! (we'll have them on thursday 4PM to ave a longer talk).

The lucky ones ! They pushed the radio's door and their voices in the microphones on this monday !

  • Bees and drones
  • RMLL daily with Lionel Lourdin
  • Theme presentation : Media, Radio, Television and Professional Graphics

Monday's night impromptu recording !

Zoom on Framasoft, Desperate Geek's Wife...

First night of the Digital Libre Arts Festival at Kugler Factory.

This saturday july 7th was the first day for the widest and non specialized audience to meet the 2012 LSM. The opportunity for the most numerous to meet the different organizations and projects here. We asked some of these a brief introduction of their activities...